Wednesday, December 19

See you in 2008!

I chose an image by Eric to finish off the 2007 year for our class blog. I think the work on the blog has been the strongest it has ever been this year and this shot is typical of the great work from Eric. I would like to thank the students and teachers of our NW blog friends. Their constant comments and feedback are very much appreciated. Also thanks to former student CJ for his great feedback.
The daily posts will be back early in 08, until then I hope everyone has a fun break and finds time to take some great photographs.

Contributed by E Jones

Eric's submission for our repetition assignment


Ashley V. -ERHS said...

I really love this image. It's crystal clear and the depth of field is awesome. The color is also really great and the texture and detail in foreground is amazing. Honestly there isn't anything I don't like.

igor said...

agreed, this is an excellent shot and beyond good composition, the detail in it really makes it stand out and grabs attention. Shadows also seem to add a natural look to it, overall a nice photo.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a lot of red in this picture tone it down a little. And its not like a vibrant red its just red. If you go into photoshop and tone that channel down a little it would make a great many difference. Try it at least but I like the shot and angle.

Aaron Snyder said...

I kind of get upset when I see a shot as great as this get bashed by someone posting anonymously. There is nothing wrong with the red in this shot, Its rust, what color should it be, blue? Anyways. The composition of the shot is spot on. The depth of field is great as well. You've done a great job combining these two elements to create a strong picture with excellent depth. Keep up the great work Eric.
-Aaron Snyder

Anonymous said...

I like how the gears in the back are blurred out based on the position in the photo. I also like the texture of the wooden teeth on the gears. You could have included more gears then just three to show more of a geometric image.