Friday, January 4

Band of Horses

Contributed by E Jones

horses at a farm
they were eating hay
trey eats hay


Anonymous said...

I like the reference to the band. This is a good photo. But I think that you should have zoomed out a little so that you could have included both of the horses heads. Other than that good lighting.

Ashley V. ERHS said...

I like the contrast between the two horses, and I like how close up you got to them and the frame is nice and full. Except I think it's too full. You cut off one horse’s nose and cut it very close to the others eye. That just really ruined it for me. I feel like you had a great shot and accidentally zoomed in. The light is nice and soft and the image has a warm glow.

Jay said...

Band of Horses

This is a picture of two horses right next to each other. i really like this picture. the two horses are different colors. There colors contrast. One s bending down to get something to eat. The other has his ears perked up like he hears something. I like how the focus is on the horses. I also like how you can see detail of the horses hair. I like how the sun is striking the horses from right to left. I think there is too much space in the top left hand corner of the picture. There is a tree out of focus there but it is just kinda space. good picture overall.

hi. im evan. said...

I like this picture a lot because the horses are crisp and cover the photo quite nicely. The green tree is a little bit distracting but i don't care. It's a good shot. Mmkay bye

Anonymous said...

Corinne -SPHS

The horses

I loved this picture bc i love horses and this picture is alot different than any other horse pic i have seen!! I like how there is a dark horse and light horse. I like how the horses are by each other but not right next to each other! IT's always good to see pictures of animals rather than objects! Stay focused

Jade said...

I'm not the biggest fan of horses, and I never have been, but I do like the crop of the picture. The colors are well done and the position of the horses are very nice.


Chelsy W. - ERHS said...

When I look at this photo, it makes me think of being on a farm on a nice and sunny day. It’s one of those pictures that you look at and just smile. I like the lighting in this photo too.