Monday, January 14

Birmingham Southern Southeastern Regional High School Art Competition and Exhibition

Accepted photograph by E Jones

This past weekend marked the opening of the Birmingham Southern Regional HS art Competition. SPHS had 20 student works selected for the show with five of those receiving awards or honorable mentions. Click on the title to visit a gallery of shots I took at the show. Congratulations to all these students!


shabnam-phs said...

Wow!! I think it looks like a professional picture. The angle that you caught is perfect and the lighting is amazing. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I like the lines in this picture. The texture really is something to notice and stare at for a while. I would like to see this building in person. It's a shame that you took this during the show as opposed to before, for I am sure that you would have received many swell remarks from the photography gods. kthxbai.

CJ said...

congrats to all competition people. awesome sweet work!

and nice shot Mr. Jones. the angle and lighting is an instant eye catcher. the only negative thing I will say is that the piece is on the verge of becomming to busy with all these crazy lines going every which way but you kept it from crossing the line so... good work.

Anonymous said...

I really like this photo. I think that the subject is amazing the angle you took the shot moves the viewers eye across the page because of the different ornate shapes and diagonal lines. I also like how you managed to capture only monochrome colors which actually makes the photo stand out and unifies the picture. This picture looks professional.

Anonymous said...

eric this is really good.
the monotone color works for it and usually i dont like monotone.
i also like how one part of the building takes up the whole picture.