Monday, January 7

Old religion, new ideas

Contributed by C Mattox

I took this photo a few months ago for an architecture/fill the frame assignment. It is, maybe or maybe not obviously, two separate buildings, one late 19th/early 20th century church and one of the only four skyscrapers on the Birmingham skyline. I like the juxtaposition of new vs. old, but my favorite feature is the chimney of the church that runs exactly with one of the lines of the building, giving the illusion of one big structure


Ashley V. ERHS said...

I love the contrast between new and old you mentioned. The chimney of the church kind of brings it together I really love it. The only issue I have is the light, it just seems like maybe it would have been a more dramatic image if the light was on the buildings showing off the shiny new against the neutral old. That's really being picky though this is a really great image.

Anonymous said...

Love it! your angles are perfect it almost looks like the 2 buildings are one. the contrast of the old and new architecture is great too! i would love to see this if you made it black and white and bumped up the contrast a bit.

jack said...

picture has a nice definite subject but i dont like it completley, feels just a bit bland. i like the focus instead of dof. good limited colors. maybe a little bit of an angle shift.