Tuesday, January 22

Rosebowl 08

Contributed by E Schmelzle

I took this picture when I went to California over new years break. We went to the Rosebowl and the sunset was awesome so I tried to take a panorama. So yea. Here. It. Is.


Anonymous said...

This is a good photograph. The unique dimension is what first caught my eye. It isn't the typical 4x6 shot. The angle of the shot is interesting and the crowd extending from left to right helps to make it unified and balanced. The sky is beautiful! good work.

Jade said...

This picture is pretty awesome. Good colors and lighting. I really like it.

bmurf said...

This shot is flipping sweet! I love the sunset and the situation, a great time to take a panorama at a classic bowl game and the picture is beautiful, the sunset and clouds are awesome along with the lens flare on the lights plus the crowded stadium makes for a great shot good work.