Wednesday, January 23

Snow Track

Contributed by W Hopkins

This is a photo of my the deck in my backyard. I took it on the day that it snowed, which is a pretty rare occurrence here in Alabama. When I took the picture it was of these strange tracks that I thought looked cool. I like the picture a lot because it has pretty good leading lines.


Jay said...

well this is a curious photo. I wonder what made that track. i like this photo mostly for the lines created however over the track itself. I could not really tell it was a track. you have snow on the ground but some of the snow is missing through the cracks of your porch. you got a area of your porch where the lines are crossing. so your eye is being led up to the left and then to the right. so its an interesting photo. the way u took the picture makes it look like the tracks are moving to the top part of the screen . so you have lots of crossing lines in this photo so that kinda makes this an interesting picture.

Mattox said...

I like that the lines of this photo are pretty much the only thing you see, aside from the snow, which doesn't really qualify as a subject. It's complex in its simplicity. Nifty