Friday, February 8

Chapel, Duke, NC

Contributed by W Hopkins

This is an image of the chapel at Duke. The image is made up of multiple pictures stitched together like a panorama image. when i took the pictures i didn't have a tripod so some of the edges are a little soft. It was an overcast day when I took the pictures so it was necessary to bring out the colors a little. I also took the sky from another one of my photos and set it behind after cutting the original sky out that was uneven after I stitched the photographs together.


Chris Kent, SPHS said...

The thing that drew me to this was the architecture, and I think this photo captures it perfectly. However, the saturations & contrasts of the lawn & landscaping versus the saturations of the buildings seem a little high, which draws me closer to the bottom left corner, away from the building.

Anonymous said...

This picture was perfectly exposed, and the background is amazing because of the blue sky. This is definitely a keeper.
Kevin Espino-ERHS

Anonymous said...

okay picture. not horrible, but not great. the building itself is very prestigious and the angle of the shot adds to that mood- the building seems to be rising, especially evident in the far left tower. you did a good job with the sky. the composition is a tad bit unsettling. i don't know, the building is uncentered and there is a lot going on in the yard and yet a lot of it is cut off awkwardly. this may not bother you, but it bothers me.

ln- sphs

Aracely Cordova HHS said...

This images looks very good. THe depth field looks very nice it has very detail places, however, their some places that is expose a bit were there is light.
You should keep on taking more of this pictures.
I love the background of this image the blue sky looks adorable and peaceful I will sure keep this picture.

Mr. Myers said...

Neat shot. It is a bit distorted due to the lens of your camera. This however is a bit of a neat effect here and it pushes my eye upward to the nice sky. I do think that you could increase the contrast a bit and bring out a little more blue in your sky.