Monday, February 11

Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies

Contributed by T Carnes

Trey was absent today so I have no comment for his image, hopefully I can include one tomorrow


Anonymous said...

I really like this picture, i like the way the other twigs are blurred in the background and i also like the contrast between the fruits and the sky
Jorge Maldonado

Anonymous said...

once again you have done an amazing job with color. The blues and yellows look perfect together and the contrast between your lights and darks is amazing. i almost wish that the twigs were positioned just slightly higher to balance out some of that negative space in the upper right corner. but overall your use of color and dynamic line make another great photograph!

a.a. sphs

Anonymous said...

Well the focus of the image Is decent but there isn’t much to look at. Maybe next time you can back up a little to fill more of the frame.
Kevin Espino-ERHS

Anonymous said...

Kari- HHS
This is really nice! i love how clear the leaves and berries (or whatever that is) are. It looks great and really stands out from the background. It would look better if you filled more of the frame with the subject just because there's a lot of empty space, but other then that, very nice photo!

Anonymous said...

Your colors in this are excellent. Composition could use a little work to make the piece more interesting.

jack said...

trey you have quite the knack for post editing. the nostalgic sense i get from the picture is great. also i like how its a fall but looks like a bright sunny day outside with the bright blue sky.

Mr. Myers said...

I agree you have a gift with post processing. I also like your eye and choice of more mundane subjects.

Kayla S. - ERHS said...

This photo is really, really cool. I like the colors incorporated in this shot.

Your source of light, which I’m assuming is the sun, is incredible. It’s mellow yet very striking at the same time. I’m not sure if it’s an adjustment you made to the photo after taking it or if that’s how you got it but either way its awesome.

The Rule of Thirds is used fairly well here and the two subjects instead of one are creative.

This could easily be the cover of a book. GREAT SHOT! 