Friday, May 2

Art I Rauschenberg Collages

Contributed by K Rice

Student created Collages - Click the title to go to the gallery


jack said...

i really like this rauschenburg. it has a really cool nostalgic feel to it. the pictures on the bottom right that are laying more flat add a unique third dimension to these usually 2d collages. the ink splats add a good bit of character too.

katie said...

i really like this! there is depth and texture, it is very attractive to the viewer. fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

The first time I saw this piece, it genuinely left me speechless. You did a phenomenal job; I love that you gave what is usually a two dimensional project some depth of field with the photos in the bottom right hand corner. I also really like the angle of the camera; it helps continue the likelihood of the depth of field, like this is someone's editing cubby. I love that you left the picture of the woman distressed and and showed off the frayed edges of the shot by surrounding it with a white border. The apparent sun-induced discoloration of the pictures you chose fit so nicely together, and I like that you added a hint of color with the turquoise shot in the back and the rosary on the bottom. And the stark contrast of the black and white blank film strip looks really great. Good job layering the brush strokes, and you also did wonderfully with your selection of which brush strokes to use. Basically, you did an incredible job, and I LOVE the way this piece turned out. GREAT JOB!

Bergen SPHS