Monday, August 11

1st post for 08-09

Contributed by B Johnson

I took this picture over the summer of my friend Brandon while we were at the beach. I really like this picture because he looks like an Abercrombie model...and if you know him it's pretty funny. I like the focus and the depth of field. The black and white adds to the "model" look and it makes the skimboard look pretty nice.

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Mr. Myers said...

I'm not sure why this image has failed to get a comment. Maybe it is just because it was posted so early in the year. It is not a bad shot although it feels a bit like a snapshot. I would like to see it in color as I don't think the b/w is helping it to grab my attention. The exposure looks good as does the dof. I think I would crop it so he is on the right moving into open space.