Friday, August 15

Plastic by Glass

Contributed by A Glass

I took this photo during lunch the other day. I was out side and I noticed that the school was reflected in my friend's water bottle, so I pulled out my camera and took a picture of it. I ran a color correction over the image which really brought out the blue in the shadow of the water bottle. Over all I feel this is a decent shot for it being the first day back at school.


K Thagard said...

I don't really like this photograph. There is nothing that really stands out from it. It's a water bottle, so I would hope that the composition would stand out more since the subject is so ordinary. The green in the background is very distracting, and takes away from the reflection inside the water-bottle (which, as you stated, was the purpose of the shot.) But I don't even think that the reflection is all that wonderful too. You can only see a wall from the school. The only reason we can see the wall is because the bottle is transparent and the sun was shining on it. I do however like the shade of blue of the water bottle. It's a pretty shade of blue. It was a nice try, and I do applaud you for being the first one to put a post on the blog. Way to be so bold. Oh yeah, the only part of of the photograph in focus is the shadow from the water bottle.

Anonymous said...

I really don't want to be too harsh on this photo but i think you should have chosen a better subject. Its a water bottle. I think you could've at least done a better angle to make it more interesting, and the lighting is nothing special. It goes according the assignment i guess, but i think for reflections there was intended to be more creativity. This sot isn't very creative. Another point is the reflection doesn't even seem to be the main focus of the shot.

Mr. Myers said...

I can not add anything that was not already said. Too your credit, you had to post to the blog early before you had anything great to share. We are looking for great things from you with your next shot.