Tuesday, August 19

Push-Up Pop

Contributed by L Newport

I took this picture of Zelwak's nephew during cross country camp. I loved this shot because I didn't tell him to pose at all and so I was pleased that the picture captured the natural innocence children seem to have. I cropped this image so that he filled the composition more and so that there were fewer distracting elements in the background. I also did a curves adjustment, a hues and saturation adjustment, and ran the smart sharpen filter.


Anonymous said...

what a great subject and photographer! thanks laurel!

Mr. Myers said...

nice shot that captures innocence and youth quite well. Your dof is very good with the wood behind the subject being nicely softened. I like the detail in the post as it adds some interest. I think I would like it better if he was making eye contact with the camera. Good job on the exposure and composition.

Kayla S. -ERHS said...

I love this kid’s eyes. They pretty much tell a story. I agree with the description of the photo, innocence is apparent here. He just has his push pop and he’s content.

The lighting is good here and it’s not blurry at all which is good.

The boy is centered and the colors incorporated in this picture are varied.

He appears very calm and I think that calms the viewer too. Great shot!