Wednesday, August 20

And Your Bird Can Sing

Contributed by T Ricchetti

I found this little bird in my back yard in the summer. This bird was no bigger than my big thumb but I picked it up put it in the tree and this is what the result from it is. I ran a sharping filter on it and I brought out the shadows and highlights on it.


Anonymous said...

Alright, so..I think this is a pretty good shot. I can tell that you tried to make it work, but there are several things really working against it. For one, it's bugging me pretty badly that most of the bird's head is blurred, but some of it's body and most of the tree is in sharp focus. It also bothers me that part of the tree is blocking out part of the bird - it's very distracting. Simply a different angle or moving a step over would have fixed that problem. And perhaps the thing that would have helped this shot the MOST would have been if you hadn't made such an interesting subject seem so ordinary by placing it in the middle of the frame. Again, if you had simply moved a step to your left, it would have improved the image by placing your subject on a third. But I do think this is a pretty good shot. However, I must say that I do not approve of risking a poor baby bird's life just for the sake of a photo.


Mr. Myers said...

CB got it right, this image would be much better if you cropped out a lot of the background and placed the bird on the third from the left. The exposure looks good and I like how you got the bird with its mouth open.