Tuesday, August 26

Tractor Shed

Contributed by L Hamby

I took this picture in my great-grandfather's tractor shed. I just saw the plates on the wall and took a picture. I did a curves adjustment, a sharpening filter, and a color correction to really make the plates stand out. I also cropped in to take out some of the distraction in one of the corners.


Anonymous said...

I really like your composition. Lots of angles and textures, and the definite flavor of an old shed or barn. Good job.

Anonymous said...

I really like this picture.. lots of leading lines and different textures as well as contrasting colors and hues. Also hte constast bewteen nature (wood) and man (metals) is working for you

good job

Anonymous said...

I really like this photo, I like how it is very earthy. Even the metal license plates that normally might have a sheen are very dull which keeps it in harmony with the rest of the image. One little thing that might add a little to the image would be if the plank on the left was a little darker, or maybe contrasted with the yellow because my eyes want to stay mainly on the right side of the picture and top middle...It is though, a great picture!

Mr. Myers said...

I really like the sense nostalgia I get from this image. It is a good composition and with lots of great detail. I agree that the wood at the left is too bright and distracts. I would like to see it in b/w or perhaps it might be a good candidate for a b/w with selective coloring on the Alabama plates. Good job getting out to an interesting place to photograph.