Friday, August 22


Contributed by C Bennett

I took this picture of a sundial by my house. I've always thought it was really interesting looking, and of all the photos I took of it, this is one of my favorites. The original shot was a little dark, so I ran the shadow/highlight adjustment and edited the brightness and contrast.


Mr. Myers said...

Interesting object but I think that the green in the background is very distracting and makes for a confusing and busy image. your exposure and dof look good, I think you just need to change your vantage point and simplify the background.

Anonymous said...

The subject is really interesting, but I do agree that the background is slightly distracting. It's not a huge problem. A different angle or maybe blurring the background might have helped. Besides that though, this is a wonderful photo. I love the colors and how crisp it is.