Thursday, September 11

Abandoned Alter

Contributed by B Townson

I took this photo in an abandoned church on 119. It was a really rainy day that day so I think the wood was somewhat swollen and the day was already gloomy. The only thing I added to the picture was a curves adjustment to bring out more darks.


TR said...

I don't know what your subject is. There is a couple of shadows in the there i wouldn't have in it. The colors are really dull maybe run some color changes or spice them up. There are a couple of spots that are blown out like the plate and the trash can.

Mr. Myers said...

so Blake, you set an interesting scene with your description...abandoned church, rain, memories of 911. So was there nothing to photograph other then the trash on the floor? I am not particularly fond of trash. Maybe if you were making a statement about the fact that the house of God was abandoned and had been desecrated with trash....but since I can not tell it is a church I do not get this statement. All I get is a picture of trash. Maybe if you had a part of the trash that could be the subject but that is not the case.. just strewn trash. Help me out somebody, what am I missing?