Thursday, September 11


Contributed by B Johnson

This is a picture of Felix the cat. He was sitting on my bed, and the light coming through the window looked pretty good. I did a curves, sharpening, and a little levels adjustment. I thought that it was a pretty good shot to begin with, so I really didn't have to do too much.


Mr. Myers said...

Very nice crisp detail in your cat portrait. I like the back lighting as it shows all the detail of his whiskers and hair. good light on the eye is important. Only thing I would maybe do is leave more room in front of him as he feels a bit crowded in this frame.

Chris Kent said...

I like the potential that this picture has- if you wanted to, you could make the nose and front of the face brighter, as if a light was shining on it. That would definitely add some more pizazz! You could also do all kinds of things with the color filters, giving nearly endless possibilities of color combinations!
I also like the way that the edges fade out of focus, and the center has the most focus.

Ali H.-ERHS said...

I like the detail of the cats face in this photo and how it looks like he is deep in thought. I like how the DOF puts just the cat in focus and the lighting being bright in the background also lets one focus on the cat. One element that really stands out to me is how you filled the frame. You got in close to the subject and it is more interesting that way. I get a tense mood from the cat, like it is trying to pose for you. Good job!