Thursday, September 18

Cry Baby Cry

Contributed by A Carr

I took this picture at crybaby bridge over the summer. I went into lab mode and did some work with the colors and then did a levels adjustment. It's by no means my favorite photograph, but I really like the concept of the old abandoned bridge.


ShannonA-erhs said...

This is a nice photo. I like the way it seems the road never ends and is leading to something. I like the way the shadow stretch out and lead you down the road. The mood seems to be a calming adventure type.

Erica W. said...

This photo is not very interesting. There is no clear subject, and nothing specific to focus on. The shadows are very evident, but they do not draw attention to anything in particular, and do not work to create any specific feeling in your photo. A subject (a person on the bridge, maybe?), a different angle, or different lighting might work better to make this photo interesting.

Erica W. - ERHS

Mr. Myers said...

I have to agree that while technically good, this image is a bit lacking in interest due to the too common point of view. I believe this bridge is a local and accessible landmark so maybe you can go take some more shots. This time I would look for a unique viewpoint or maybe go with a vertical frame. I would also suggest trying it at a different time of day when the light is not so extreme. This composition could work well if you had a subject on the bridge as Erica mentioned.

Ali H.-ERHS said...

I do like the green trees in the background and on the sides. One problem I see is that there is no main subject focused on in this photograph. There are good leading lines, but there is nothing for them to lead to. Putting someone or something at the end of the bridge would give it a whole new effect. The sun-to-shade line on the bridge is also kind of distracting. This is a good concept, but just needs to be tried in a different way such as with a subject.