Friday, September 19

Vulcan Panograph

Contributed by P Glenn

I've been wanting to do a panograph for a while now and when I saw Vulcan with the sun behind it, really liked how you could only see the silhouette with a great blue sky behind it. Photoshop didn't open some of the files quite perfectly, so a few of the photos had a few defects in them, but I'm going to redo the picture with the full size images soon.


Anonymous said...

I like how this photo looks like there are various pictures lined up to make one larger picture.
The lighting that is being used is almost a little too light; I would have darkened the background up just a little bit. The exposure to me seems just perfect; I don’t see anything wrong with it. Amazing picture!!

Alexis W. - PHS

Patricius said...

All the blocks are individual pictures. The actual image size is 27.5 x 36 inches, with the pictures cut in half. It took about two hours to align all the images. If you'd like to see more panographs, there's a group on flickr that does a lot of them.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

Mr. Myers said...

I like your panograph but I don't think the way you took the images (camera rotation) is really adding very much to the overall image. I do think the technique does add a lot of interest to the subject. The varieties of dark values on the sculpture and sky make what would otherwise be a fairly static image come alive. I would like to see you do some more of these.

Anonymous said...

I really like the effect that is being conveyed in this photo. It looks like it was really time consuming as well. I like how you can still tell what the picture is but it looks almost like broken glass. Only thing i would have done was on the bottom left pane, raise the opacity a little bit. But other than that it is a great picture!

B. Townson

Anonymous said...

Did it really take you 2 hours to align these photos? It looks as if you only used about 12-15 photos for this image. I did this assignment last year with about 40-50 images and it took me like an hour and a half to two hours. I think you could have found a better subject than Vulcan. The only thing that I like about this combination of photos is the fact that there's light behind him.