Wednesday, September 3

DJ Spinna

Contributed by A O'Neil

I took this on my back porch. It's a cool wind spinny thing. I did a color correction and brightened it a little bit. I like the contrast between the horizontal brick and curvy lines.


[Abbigail] said...

I love love love this photo! I agree with you about the contrast between the horizontal brick and curvy lines. It really gives the "cool wind spiny thing" depth. The lighting is also awesome and contributes greatly to the dimension of the shot. yay! =]

Anonymous said...

I really like this picture. I like how the brass (I'm just assuming that is what the figure is made out of) follows a color scheme with the bricks. It is an interesting composition as well. It brings something else to the picture. The object is in really nice focus and is very sharp/crisp. I also like how the light hits part of the object. It creates a nice contrast in the shot. It is a great picture over all! Keep up the amazing work!

Kathryn Thagard

Bryan said...

This is a great shot! I like the lines and how you left a third on the left for my eye to wander. I like the aperture you chose and how the background is blurry, while the foreground and the subject is in fantastic focus. The only fault I can find is that there's a few hotspots.

Nichole Capps said...

I really like this photo as well. I love the contrast of the metal and the brick texture. I also think the colors mesh great. The contrast of the spirals with the rectangular brick goes great too. The only thing I would suggest is the photo would look better if it was sharpened more. Great job!

A Glass said...

This is a wonderful composition. I like that the background is out of focus, but not enough to where you cant recognize what it is. I like the curves that you get from the brass wind chime like thing. Over all great shot, keep up the good work.

Chris Kent said...

The thing that I like most is the abstract form, and the colors are all generally warm. Usually, you see this type of art with only cool colors, like mainly blue. I also like how the background blends in with it perfectly!

Chris Kent

Anonymous said...

I really like the color contrasts. They really balance each other out. I like how the lines lead my eyes around. And the softness of the background.

-Ashton SPHS

Anonymous said...

Allie, this is a fantastic photo. It is just so crisp. I like the contrast between the form of the "wind spinny thing" and the shape of the bricks. I also love the colors and shades on the metal and how they are similar to the color of the brick. Good job!

Mr. Myers said... I agree it is an interesting image which does seem to work due to the unified color scheme, sharp vs soft and wavey vs straight lines. However I do believe it could be better through lighting. I look like it was lit from on source as the left side is a bit dark and as such not as interesting. While I wish that the object was lit evenly and bright I wish that the back wall was dark like the left side. You could manage this with a bit of work with some directional lights. Still good eye and good composition.

Anonymous said...

This picture is really nice! The colors go together but theres one part that kind of distracts me. Its the really orange part of the subject. I like how you used the rule of thirds; it gives it a more interesting look. The curvy sharp lines do lead you around the picture but I also think the lines of the bricks is a bit distracting. The lighting is pretty cool because certain parts are highlighted in the subject. This picture was really interesting and it caught my eye. Good job!