Thursday, September 4

Can you say Sylacuaga?

Contributed by M Tanner

I took this last weekend in Sylacauga while out at our land. The reflection in the water really caught my eye. I brightened the image a little and brought out the shadows. I also ran a smart sharpen over the image.


Anonymous said...

this picture caught my eye but not necessarily in a good way. it is way too bright in the upper right quadrant which is so distracting i can hardly focus on what is good in this photo. i think the idea is right, little streams like this are often pretty and can be interesting subjects. the stream is at a diagonal which leads the eye across the composition. however, past that it's not too interesting. maybe next time try getting more up close and intimate with the stream. try to capture the texture of the rocks or the movement of the water. for the sake of this picture though, i would say try to darken up that right upper quadrant. the bottom left quadrant looks nice. my only other criticism is that the sticks in the bottom right are distracting. don't be discouraged, this is only constructive criticism. keep taking pictures.

Mr. Myers said...

A couple of things that you could do to improve this shot. Firstly there is not a clear subject, a large rock or something to draw my attention. (Get closer as the other comment suggested) My eye just sort of wanders around without this element.
Second, the time of day you shot this is not conducive for good photography. The bright sun areas are very distracting and take away from the composition. I would come back in the late evening, bring a tripod, find and interesting foreground element, and take a long exposure with a small aperture. This would let the moving water become more silky. Keep on clicking!

Anonymous said...

I like this photo, but at the same time I do not. I like the colors and the sharpness is okay. The exposure is good. I think the area of which the photo is taken is not attractive. I think it looks messy and overcrowded. If a different subject area was used the photo would be much better, but of coarse that would change the entire photo.