Friday, September 12

Reflection Unknown

Contributed by A Glass

This shot was taken at Sloss Furnace down town. I'm not sure what its original purpose served, but I really liked how the pipes were reflected in the water. I edited the photo using photo shop in the LAB mode, which really brought out the colors in my shot. I used smart sharpen in order to bring out the detail in the rusty pipes. After I used the LAB mode, the colors in the shot were very blown out, so I used a hue and saturation adjustment layer in order to tone them down, but still maintain the color contrast that I desired from this shot. Over all I am proud of this photo and hope you enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

props on using myers new tip of the week..i think it was a good choice on your part. the colors in this photo are very saturated and the blues of the lake and the rust reds of the pipes complement each other very nicely. the lines created by the pipes work well in leading the eye throughout the composition and give the shot a nice symmetry. however, the rocks in the foreground are distracting, as is somewhat the building, fence, and grass in the background. i would suggest cropping in on the shot so that the focus is totally on the pipes and their reflection.

Mr. Myers said...

Just a note. Andrew resubmitted the image after the first comment. Foreground rocks were cropped and electrical line cloned out. I think it looks better. I like how the horizontal line is on the third and separates the blue water from the land. The color looks great.

brittineholston said...

This picture has a lot of pretty colors. The sky blue and that reddish colors really pop out the most. You took advantage of the suns light and it looks great. You also used the rule of lines which draws your eyes to the center pole. The mood is really calming because of the water and all the reflections.