Tuesday, September 9

Working in tall buidings

Contributed by L Townson

I took this photo on a rainy day on Morris avenue. I liked the photo by itself and untouched but the weather of the day made it really gloomy so I brightened it up with a warming filter. I also did a curves filter to increase the contrast of lights and darks. That is about it on this one.


Anonymous said...

i really like this picture and i think that your decision to use a warming filter wuz good. i like the viewpoint you chose on this staircase. You did a really good job of capturing alot of detail in this picture. Good job stud!

Anonymous said...

I really do like this picture. I like the tightness of the fire escape. I also like the black and brown color scheme in the photo too. The focus of the is really sharp/crisp. The composition of the photo is interest, and causing the eye to follow up the fire escape. Excellent job.


-K Thagard

[Abbigail] said...

I really like this picture! The descending stairs really pull the viewers eye up and down. I like the color scheme. It really feels like a quiet rainy day. AND even though you just told me you don't like the composition i do = ]

Bryan said...

This is a pretty nice shot. It doesn't wow me, but there's also not really anything I don't like about it. The lines of the stairs are nice and move my eyes across the entire shot. I also like how you captured the slick of the rain on the building, it looks pretty cool. Nice job.

Mr. Myers said...

Everything technically is correct here. I like the exposure and the warm browns make for a good pallet. What it needs IMHO is a subject at the top of the stairs. My eye is drawn there but there is nothing there once my eye arrives. Maybe like a bunch of plants or a dog or something...you know what I mean...it would really make for a great shot then.

Jenna B. -PHS said...

The zigzag of the stairs makes your eyes dance across the photo, which is nice because your eyes aren’t stuck on any one part of the photo. Also, I like the angle it was taken from.