Monday, September 8

Get Your Bling

Contributed by K Thagard

I took this photo this weekend while at the 2008 Art Walk. I did a curves/levels adjustment to it. I also ran a smart-sharpen filter on it. I like it. It has nice color and composition to it.


Anonymous said...

I really like this picture! It is very, very clear. I like how there are different shades of blue between the sky and the diamond, and the black and red letters are contrasting to those blues. You got lucky with the clouds in the sky, and it looks very nice. I also like the angle you took the picture from. Good job!

Chris Kent said...

Although everything seems to be in order, with the exposure, focus, cropping, etc., I think that this picture would have looked a WHOLE LOT BETTER in black in white, or at least sepia. Just something to think about!!!

Mr. Myers said...

I like this but I really want the diamond sign to be bright like a diamond. Drawing my attention to it. Maybe selectively lighten this without blowing out the sky and clouds. Interesting composition....sort of reminds me of William Christenberry - images of Americana.