Tuesday, October 7

I feel like an old hobo

Contributed by K Thagard

I took this photo downtown outside my aunt's apartment building. I ran a curves/levels adjustment. I also ran a smart-sharpen filter on it. I really like the bright colors of the photo. I also like how the building runs out of the edges of the photo.


brian s erhs said...

This photograph is kind of dull.
The photographer did a good job of framing the photo, but other than that, the photography is kind of dull. I feel like anyone could take a picture of a building like this. I think I would have found a more interesting looking building, maybe a sky scraper or some sort of tower. The buildings color should also bring more contrast to the photo.

Mr. Myers said...

Technically your shot looks fairly good, the tree areas are a little dark but not horrible. I like the angle that you took as the diagonal helps the overall composition. I do feel that the proportions of the image do limit its appeal. It could look good as a header image in a publication, I just don't think it can stand alone very well.

Susannah said...

i really like this, kathryn. i like how it is more of a landscape type photo and i like how the trees sort of come down from the corner and the way it is shot from below.