Thursday, November 20

Cool Warm

Contributed by A Carr

I took this picture for our attraction/repulsion assignment. I thought it was kind of cool because red is a warm color that attracts you but the semi rotting pomegranate looks pretty much disgusting. I did a levels adjustment and cropped it.


Mr. Myers said...

This is a good attempt at a tough subject. I think your lighting is way too contrasting with the strong highlights and deep shadows. I would love you to try again with this type of subject matter in the class studio with some good lighting.

Anonymous said...

I like this a lot. (: It looks like it would be fun to paint.
The textures are really fantastic, especially the veins of the leaf and the dry skin of the pomegranate - they're very well focused. I also like how juicy the inside of the fruit looks. Good colours; very nice photo.

k malone sphs

Tori P - ERHS said...

This photo brings out a lot of emotion, which is surprising since it doesn't look like the type of photo that would. You did a great job of capturing the red and yellow tones of the pomegranate. They make you feel like the picture is warm and happy. Then you look closer and observe that it’s rotting, and that there’s dead leaves around it, and wonder why something so gross seems so enticing. It’s almost like you trick yourself when you look at this. Very neat :)