Friday, November 21

Warming Up to the City

Contributed by A McComb

This picture was taken over spring break last year in Charleston, NC. I was with a friend walking around the city - trying to get a few good shots. A lot of my pictures were of unique architectures, yet i liked this one the best. All i did to the photo was adjust the levels and contrast. I think the wires and shadows, along with the bright yellows, make the shot interesting.
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Cameron M ERHS said...

I love the colors in this picture. I think it really makes this picture. This picture seems to have a lack of subject. I really do enjoy the idea that you were trying to give off in this picture though. Maybe a change of angle might have helped to get a little bit of cool depth fulfilled in this picture. All in all though, great job. I still love how bold the colors come out!

Rachel W-ERHS said...

I like that the building is so bright. I also like how you’re using the rule of thirds. I don’t really think you have a main focus. But it’s a good picture.

Mr. Myers said...

Amy what I really like about the image is that the lines created by the lines and poles really move my eye around the shot. The curvy lines remind me of a reflected image in water and I do a double take when I first look at this image. The warm pallet is also very appealing to me.

I believe that well composed images of mundane imagery are almost always better then average images of what we know to be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This picture makes me look at what is pleasing to the eye. A person could walk by this every day and not realize just what they're looking at, what you've captured here. I think it looks great.


Tori P - ERHS said...

This picture doesn’t seem like anything special to me. I don’t like that all the wires block the viewer from seeing the building. It’s hard to even tell what kind of building it is. It’s also hard to see what your center of interest is. I can't tell if you were going for a picture of the wires, or a picture of the building. While the idea was neat, you could’ve done it better if you had gotten a different angle where the wires wouldn’t block the building, or where the building wasn't distracting you from the wires. I do like all the different styles of lines though. They make you look at ever aspect of the photo.