Monday, November 24

Winter Art Show 2008

Pinhole Collage by T Prewitt

Our Judges have done their job and selected the work that they feel is the best from my beginning and advanced students. The gallery contains all the work in no particular order (actually I think it is alphabetical). Any image in the gallery was awarded a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mention or Merit award. I will not give away actual placement until after the show on Dec. 9th. The categories for beginning photography are: Pinhole Photography, Pinhole Collage, Tessellations and 3D Collage. Advanced Photography had Photography and Political Posters.

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Anonymous said...

12.4.08 pinhole collage by timmy p.
i like how u put so many things from so many different pics together, its very impresive it looks like a street light shining down