Monday, January 12


Contributed by L Hamby

I took this photo of the merry-go-round at the zoo. I had it on a really slow shutter speed to catch the motion. It could look better because I didn't have a tripod with me. I did a color correction and cropped it in some. I played with the shadow/highlight and the brightness, and this is what I got!
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Anonymous said...

This photo really caught my eye. It is bright and blurry and stands out above all of the other photos. The motion of the lights and the blurry people on the merry-go-round make it feel like a fast-paced, city-like shot. I like the atmosphere that this shot has. I wouldn't change anything about this one. Overall, great photo. -BS SPHS

Anonymous said...

I like how you can still kind of make out the horses in the photo even though it is blurry. I also like that you can slightly see the detail in the middle of it. I like the blurriness of the photo, it makes it seem like it is going super fast which makes it somewhat scary; even though it is super fast.

Anonymous said...

This photo is nice and unique. The vague ghost-like images of the animals and children on the merry-go-round add a lot to this image. The transparency of the images allowing for interior of the ride also make this photo look unique . The lights around the top of the ride lead your eyes around the picture. Overall and very good and interesting picture.

Erica W. said...

I’m somewhat impressed that you made a night shot work without a tripod, but this would have been a better photo if you had taken it with one. Motion blurs are more exciting if they are in contrast to something that is still.
The motion blur in this photo is interesting, but it’s a bit overdone; the photo is so blurry that it took me a minute to see what kind of ride I was looking at. If you had taken this shot with a slightly faster shutter speed, the horses would have been a little clearer. This would have made it a little easier to identify the subject of the photo.
Good job filling the frame. So much of this photo is in motion that it is easy to ignore the little extra blur.

Erica W. - ERHS

Chris Kent said...

This is very good for not using a tripod! You must have a REALLY steady hand! I like the lights, and how they seem to flow almost freely across the top of the picture, and slowly move your eye through the picture! However, I’m sure it would have been even better with a tripod!

Anonymous said...

I like this picture alright. It looks like a flying saucer landing which is kind of cool. But yeah, I don't know. I really hate the background and I think you could have done without the people on the left side of the picture. Overall, this is a good picture though.

Anonymous said...

This is incredible for not having a tripod. Good work on getting the merry-go-round to fill up the whole picture without putting it directly in the middle. The blurred lights are beautiful, but I do wish the horses were more visible.

BloJo said...

This photo is very blurry. I think it might have been because the subject was moving. You might have also been shaking it too much. Perhaps that is why the name is BLURRY go round!

Anonymous said...

I like this picture because you can see what the movie object is. I can tell you used a slow shutter speed but you might have wanted to use a tripod so that only the carousel was moving and the people in the back ground were frozen. The light from the carousel lights everything else around it.