Thursday, February 19

Laura is going up

contributed by C Bennett

I took this picture of Laura out at the Inverness Nature Trail. I ran a levels and shadow/highlights adjustment to brighten it up a bit.
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Anonymous said...

I really like this photo. This photo is youthful and fun. I like how the two feet are hitting the rule of thirds and are at the corners which make it very appealing. I also like how the angle is a little off, it adds a lot to the composition. nice. -KMSPHS

Anonymous said...

This shot is very interesting. The lines of the jeans and the ladder lead your eye around the shot, while the different range of colors help it out as well. However, the back shoe and the jeans seem to be somewhat out of focus due to their blurriness. I would either run a smart sharpen filter or try retaking the shot to fix it.


Mike Cormier said...

This image is wonderful! The colors are extremely vibrant and it makes for an interesting point of view. The horizontal lines of the ladder contrast well with the vertical lines created by her legs. All of the colors also contrast wonderfully, making this image pleasing to look at.

Anonymous said...

I like how the leaves aren't in focus, yet you can still see the pattern in them. I also think the green of the bars adds life the otherwise dull colors. I also like that the shadow of the bars seems to make a cross in the background on the leaves. I think this photo is appealing because the distressed look of the shoes and jeans looks great with the distressed look of the bars and leaves.
Great job! :)

Anonymous said...

This photo is very interesting. it also attracts your eye very well. The bars across the shot move your eye horizontal, while the legs of the person move your eye verticle. The color variation in this photo is also great. The contrast adds to the picture and creates an overall great photo.

Anonymous said...

I really like this picture. I love the relaxed and playful feel to it. The colors really make this photo stand out. The shadows add depth to the picture, and the blurry, uniform, brown leaves as the background really make the shoes and jeans pop out. The idea off her climbing up is a great idea and adds a story to the picture. The rule of thirds is used really nicely. This is a great shot.

Anonymous said...

This photo was a great shot. Good job in using the rule of thirds. I like how playfulness is used in the photo. Even without looking at Laura's face I can see that she is very relaxed and calm at the same time by just looking at her feet and her stance. The blurry background was also a good work because it makes Laura's jeans, shoes, and also the poles just stand out. Overall this shot was another good job and I also liked it because converse are my favorite shoes to wear :D eheh...Great job! -MC SPHS