Saturday, March 14


Congratulations to my three students who recently had their work selected at the district art show to go on to compete at the state art show.
In Photography T Ricchetti's Water Main
This photo also won second place in the state Superintendent's Art Competition.

In Digital Art, L Newport's image Rejection
This image was made for the emotion assignment and turned out very well. It is a combination of images from stock exchange, as well as text, which is an excerpt from a poem in The Perks of Being a Wallflower

In Printmaking E Bank's collograph print titled Phyllis' Feathers
This was one of the best prints from our field trip to UAB's printmaking studio. The original plate was very well done and I loved how much texture is found in the print. Thanks Phyllis for the feathers!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all three students - well done! And congratulations to Mr. Myers, their teacher.

Anonymous said...

First off congrats to the students. The piece of art that stuck out to me more would be the image Rejection. The color scheme fits very well together. Also, there is a lot of detail in the image. The cracks work well in this image it grabs the attention of me yet moves me around the entire image. I really like the warm feel of the image as well. JRieves