Wednesday, March 11

Lookout Caps

Contributed by L Hooks

I took this photo in an alley downtown for the Urban assignment. I liked the old sign, and thought it had a lot of character. I cropped the picture and ran a levels adjustment.
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Anonymous said...

I really like this image. I like the upward angle of the subject. I also really like the color schemes. The dark brown colors of the brick compliment the rusted sign. I also like the bright blue background, because it contrast the color brown colors and it is very eye catching. I think this photo was very well executed. Good job!

-K Thagard

Anonymous said...

I really like this picture. I like how the colors are all uniform and my eyes move around the picture easily. I like how the danger sign is very old also which adds a rustic feel to the photo. One thing i would have liked to see better was maybe more of the building but overall it's a nice picture. Townson B

Anonymous said...

This picture is a very aesthetically pleasing one. I like the perspective the picture was taken from, it add a bit of uniqueness to the photo. I also like the rusted, old look that the sign has. I'm not sure what the caps are but it is a very interesting sign. The power lines behind the sign add contrast to the oldness of the sign. Overall a very good picture.

Anonymous said...

I really like the color contrast too. The blue really does help the brown tones to pop when they could have been very bland. I also like the lines of the telephone pole and wires. They definitely help to move your eye around the picture. And the rust on the sign is a nice touch; it adds character to the shot. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

This is such a cool picture. The camera angle is very creative and really makes the picture. The lines in the power lines and the wall do a great job at moving the viewers' eyes throughout the picture. The colors also add a neat dimension to the picture. I like how the uniform red contrasts with the light blue, making the picture pop. It would be better if the power lines were in focus, and if the sign was more central, making it more the focus of the picture. Overall, its a very interesting picture.

Kayla S.- ERHS said...

Neat idea for a shot. I like your angle choice too shooting from underneath the photo. I’ve really grown to like the look of contrasting blues with reds; it just looks rugged and old. The old effect is also added to by the faded “DANGER” sign too. It being faded somewhat orange is also cool contrasting with the bold red brick of the building. The various directions of lines in this picture are creative also. The building and the power lines going from the top to the bottom of the shot and then the three pieces of wood and the “DANGER” sign going from left to right. Cool take.