Wednesday, December 2

Buried Treasure

Contributed by T Williams

I found a golden leaf hidden behind some other leaves. Snapped the shot, and just did a small levels adjustment.


Elaine said...

I like this picture because of the gold leaf behind the green one. I like the change in colors. It tells me fall is here. Although, I'm pretty sure it's winter. I also like nature shots. It tells me to stop and smell the roses every now and then. Nice work T-Money

Anonymous said...

I like how the gold leaf stands out from the other green leaves. the background also helps the picture and sets a mood to the picture.

Anonymous said...

This picture really caught my attention and, honestly, I can't say why. I think it may be the simplicity of the photo itself. There's nothing complicated or fake about the image. It was taken in a natural setting and the fact that it was left mostly natural is amazing to me.
I think that this so easily caught my attention because it reminds me a lot of my home. I grew up in a heavily wooded area, so seeing leaves and trees really connects to me.
The actual subject is really beautiful too. The bright yellow leaf peeking out from behind the green ones is very interesting to look at. Good eye. Great job.

Anonymous said...

cool leaf. I like the way that the subject fills most of the center of the frame. nice job!! BF SPHS

Anonymous said...

Very cool concept, Travis! Photographically, everything fits very well together. I really like the title as well. It fits the picture perfectly, but is original. Good find, and good shot.