Wednesday, December 9

Dead Among Life

Contributed by D Meadows

I love the contrast in both color in texture here. I took this a few weeks ago when the leaves started to fall, but it seems to me that this leaf has been there all winter and spring has just started back.


Anonymous said...

I really like this picture because of the red leaves. The green background helps my eye not get bored, and I can look at all the aspects of the photograph. The fact that it is so crisp gives the photo a really cool texture also. The leaf is an example of how if we look close enough, we can find really good photography in everyday things we would usually pass up. Overall the color, saturation, and brightness all looks great as well. Great job!

Victoria D. ERHS said...

The colors on this picture came out really well. It even seems like someone could have painted the leaf but they didn’t, it’s the leaf’s natural color. I would suggest coming closer to the leaf to take pictures of its unique color, but this is nice too because the green balances out the colors on the leaf.

KaiRuh said...

I really love the vibrant color, especially the green. The photograph is very aesthetically pleasing. The cropping, the colors, everything is wonderful. Great job!

- sNb

Anonymous said...

SPHS blog. Dead Among Life. I think the title adds so much to this picture. Having dead leaves amongst all that greenery is very effective. MB. SPHS

Anonymous said...

I like this picture because of the dark Hughes and the bright lights against the dark. When I first saw this picture it reminded me of a prison. But once I looked at it I realized that it wasn’t.
I really like how the bright red leaves standout against the green. The lighting is really well done and its cool looking. This is a really nice picture. Good job.

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea behind this photo. The play of colors is cool and holds my attention. I like how dark and saturated the left red leaf is. There is a great deal of contrast in the photo. Good job overall! >MH SPHS

John said...

I am going to agree with you; the contrast within the photo is what really makes it a great shot. It is almost morbid in its presentation.

Anonymous said...

I think this turned out good. I like that the leaves are a different color, they stand out more.