Wednesday, January 13

Bagpipe Guy

Contributed by C Avery

I was out taking pictures for my Signature Homes outside photography assignment and I took this picture with hardly any adjustments, besides cropping the cars out on the side.


B.Haupt - PHS said...

I like this photo because I am Scottish and this reminds me of my heritage. The element of composition is rule of thirds and I like it. The lighting is used well. The mood reminds me of the summer for the Scottish Highland Games.

Anonymous said...

I like this picture because how well everything fits together. Honestly, a bagpipe player is not a very common sight, but he fits perfectly in this setting. The player is positioned perfectly on the right vertical third, which makes the picture very appealing to the eye. Good job with this photo. My only gripe, which is very minor, is that the watch on the player feels a bit out of place.

Anonymous said...

This photograph is a very cool concept. Using the rule of thirds made it eye appealing. AS nice as it, it's not in focus at all. This photo should also be a little but lighter. The darkness of it could easily be changed it would lighten the mood up too. The background really goes well with the whole theme of the picture. This photo is really just flat out disappointing.

Anonymous said...

This picture really hits home for me. It reminds me of some of the happiness moments of my life.