Tuesday, March 27

It's the sunset

Contributed to K Bomer

I took this outside of our room in Gulf Shores over spring break. It's the sunset.


Mr. Myers said...

Pretty sunset, I like all the orange you captured in the sky. I also like the composition with the horizon on the lower third and the sun off centered. Unfortunately this image is a bit soft and there is a bit of camera noise that is keeping me from seeing some of the detail.

Anonymous said...

i like this picture. good job geting all the orange in the sun set. its a bit fuzzy at the bottom but overall its a good picture.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture but if it was a little more clear and sharp it would look even better but overall its a nice photo.

Anonymous said...

This is a good picture of the sunset. the sunset is pretty and clear. however all through the middle its blurry. besides the blurriness this is a good photo!