Thursday, March 29

sorry mexico isn't open until 10

Contributed by F Flanagan

I took this picture in Cozumel at about 7:45 in the am. but unfortunately the entire city didn't open until 10 so we had to hang around for everything to open. I like this picture because of the depth of field and because of the contrast between the foreground and background. tell me what you think please!


Anonymous said...

This picture was taken with really good exposure and the black and white view of it says alot more about it rather than the color version.

Also, nice headline.

M Nerud

Anonymous said...

This picture kinda reminds me of a ghost town. It works really well in black and white. Also the title is quite funny.

Eli Cockrum

Anonymous said...

thanks. I actually did most of my shots from mexico in black and white..... it makes everything seem more dramatic!

Mr. Myers said...

I like your image but I think you could improve it with a ccw rotation to straighten it. I think you should have taken the shot to show more road and less sky. The sky and large building on the right are not adding much to the image IMO. I also wish the foreground elements were brighter.

Anonymous said...

I like this picture because it is sharp and clear with detail. I think it was a good idea to make it black and white because it looks like a ghost town. I would probably fix the sky though. It looks blown out. It also looks a little crooked for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Very Sweet shot there Franklin. The best part about the photo is that there is nobody there! It makes the photo. The black and white helps the photo, although I would like to see the original. The only critique I have is to tilt the horizon back to normal.


Anonymous said...

Really nice picture...The black and white helps to show the emptiness of the town and gives it a spookey aura..

-Liam Crowley

Anonymous said...

I did take the picture in color aswell as in black and white and I think it looks better this way. also I tried it vertically but that didn't work very well because of how wide the street was... it is a little crooked but i think it adds a little character to the overall composition.

thank you for your comments


Anonymous said...

i like this picture franklin. i also like how it looks crooked, but if you look at the ground, it is only SLIGHTLY crooked. not as much as people would think. it's the buildings. but i do agree that the sky looks a little blown out. but the detail is great i love this picture.

Sean said...

The only thing I would change would be to crop out the sky. The black and white does help with the ghost town theme. Nice shot dude.

- SMoffett

Anonymous said...

I like the picture alot the fact that its in black and white makes it look kind of ancient. When I look at the picture I wonder how it looks when everybody is out and about.I also like how the sun shines in but overall the picture is very clear and sharp.