Monday, March 12

Matthew David Bryan

Contributed by S Delonard

I took this picture one saturday at work. I work in a detail shop at Crown Automobile. This is Matt getting ready to wash a car. I like how the picture' s focus is on the center of matt but as you look around you notice other parts of the photo.


Anonymous said...

i really like the depth of field that is created by his hand. This also helps the viewers eye move around more & makes the picture more interesting. the only thing i dont like is the reflection on his head. It is a little distracting from everything else in the photograph.

Mr. Myers said...

Cool pose of an interesting looking guy. Unfortunately he shut his eyes, the shot would be 100% better if they were open I like the focus on his hand and tool handle. Your background is very distracting, try to find less cluttered area to photograph your subject.