Thursday, March 29


Contributed by C Selman

I took this picture on my back deck for our shadows assignment. It's a shadow of a chair and table. I like it because it almost looks real because the shadow picked up good detail and is sharp in some areas. I also like the line movement because it makes the picture more interesting and moves my eye around.


Mr. Myers said...

neat shot, I like how it give me (at first) an optical illusion of looking down on the actual chair. I think I would like it better rotated CCW to create a vertical image. It would enhance the illusion.

Anonymous said...

I like this shot. Mainly because the chair looks clear, but also somehow distorted which causes you to study it more than you would a picture of just a chair.


Anonymous said...

The thing i like about this picture is how sharp and in focus the shadow is! I kinda wish you could see the actual chair in the picture too though.

-Sara L

Anonymous said...

The use of line in this picture helps move the eye around. not only straight lines but curved lines aswell. very nice composition. I like how you can see the leg of the real chair too.

good smell-man