Tuesday, April 3


Contributed by S Lucas

I took this picture for our macro assignment. I like this picture because of the detail you can see in the strawberries. I also think the multiple strawberries adds to the image and helps to lead your eyes around the image.


Sean said...

I like how the main strawberry has a glossy texture to it, and how the yellow dots move you eye around. Its also pretty interesting how not all of the dots are the same color, and seem to have some sort of pattern to it.


Anonymous said...

I really like the texture and pattern. I think it cool how you can see the fuzz on the strawberry in the front. The only thing i don't really like about the photo is that color seems just a little bit dull to me.

Anonymous said...

I like this photo because its very detailed and clear nice work.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture! Great position! I love the pattern of the seeds and that you can see the shining, yet fuzzy. texture of the strawberry. Even the green leaves are fuzzy! the picture overall looks soft... I do believe however that the color cpuld do with a nice levels adjustment - my only criticism.