Thursday, May 3

I've got a problem

Contributed by B Aaron

I like this picture. If you don't like it, you probably have some kind of problem.


erhs said...

well this picture is boring. the man has no action. if you got closer or filled the picture with the guy it might make a better photo. the bag and cloths on the side are distracting. your making it look like they are part of the picture, like he is going to steel them or something. try again dude


Anonymous said...

Very boring it really has no artistic value.

Eli Cockrum

Anonymous said...

I actually kind of like this picture. I like the contrast between the light and the shadow. I also like how the direction that the bum(?) is looking leads your eye to the other side of the picture. maybe a levels adjustment or a crop would help it a little more. but goood job.