Friday, August 22

This Little Lion of Mine

Contributed by P Glenn

I actually didn't realize how much I liked this shot until my sister pointed it out to me. I did minor adjustments in Photoshop to bring out a little more detail in the shadows and cropped it just a touch. Overall, I am very pleased with the result of this picture.


Anonymous said...

i'm not crazy about this picture as it is but i do think it has a lot of potential. the lion has a very majestic stature and the lighting of the sky almost seems to be directed on him. however, i think the shot would be far more dramatic if you put it in black and white and bumped up the contrast. i also think the tree between his front two legs is distracting.

Chris Kent said...

The thing that I like the most is that it has the lion in the perfect position, and it has the sun's rays in it, and they all seem to be coming from the lion!
Chris Kent

Mr. Myers said...

I agree with Chris, that the best thing is the way the clouds frame the lion. The lion is in good exposure so props on keeping both the bright sky and shaded lion in decent exposure. For me, it looks like the lion's detail has been diminished partly due to weathering and partly due to the lack of a light source on it. This leaves a somewhat strange looking blob.

Chelsy W. said...

I like the way this picture was taken. It’s almost like the lion is coming out of the sky. I like the effects. This picture is well done.

Anonymous said...

I like how the light seems to be shinning from the lion. I also like the lions position at the center so it is the main focus. I don't like the tree in between the lions feet because it doesn't fit with the rest of the image and it would make the image better just to edit it out.

Anonymous said...

I like the choice of subject and position in this photo. The lighting around the outside of the statue really emphasizes the lion's head in the center of the frame. The lion is a bit dark but the exposure of the lion is still good. The tree is a bit distracting but my eyes are lead to the head of the lion because of the rays. Overall it's a great photo.

Kayla S. - ERHS said...

Wow, every cloud does have a silver lining. This shot is so great. Good timing and your use of outdoor lighting is superb.

You have the perfect angle for the lion and its head is right below where the sun rays are escaping the clouds.
The dark of the lion and the light of the sky contrast very well.

This shot gives off a mood of power and strength. Good work on this one.