Friday, September 5


Contributed by G Lee

I took this image at an old folks home in Hoover, Al. I Like the image, but I wish I had more time to edit it so that I could really make it work. I wanted to pull out the lines in Wade's face. By the way that is his name, Wade. Anyways, it was fun taking them. He was telling me stories about how he used to know Bear Bryant. He said that they used to be buddies and that Mr. Bryant would let Wade sit on the sidelines during some of the games. He had a lot to talk about. Obviously he didn't have many people to talk to in the retirement home.
Here is the newly edited version


Mr. Myers said...

A good shot and commend you for going and introducing yourself to a stranger in order to get some interesting photographs. I am not overly enthused with the tight crop and straight on angle as it seems a bit like a snap shot. You could have improved the shot by moving so the wood wall was completely behind him. As it is the right side is a bit distracting. The focus and exposure is really good so I think you might still have a great shot if you crop in really tight, perhaps go black/white, and increase the contrast and sharpness. This would emphasize the character and age seen in his skin, while his eyes still hold a lot of life.

Anonymous said...

I like the composition of the photograph, but I don't like the green under the hat. Maybe something could be done about that.

-Ashton SPHS

Anonymous said...

I like how you filled the frame. Also the red hat is nice but I wish what we see wasn't the white part, never the less its still awesome.

Ali H.-ERHS said...

I love the good old friend kind of feeling I get from this photo! I like the focus being on only the man’s face instead of the background as well. The subject is in the middle of the frame and does not follow the rule of thirds, but I think this works because there is much detail to be seen which lets the person looking at it focus on only his face. This gives me a happy feeling like he is a grandpa telling a story. Very good job!